Don’t Mention Bridget’s Rear (Commodore)!

At the 53rd Annual General meeting, as Bridget stepped down after two years as Commodore, Mike Chappell was elected to replace her (is that really possible?). The full list of members voted on to Council for 2005 is detailed separately

The subscriptions were raised as proposed, and it was noted that other clubs’ fees are typically 30-50% higher than ours.… Read full article “Don’t Mention Bridget’s Rear (Commodore)!”

Winter Draws Nearer

Into November and racing is held only on Sundays for the Winter Trophy. There was an air of reluctance to get on to the water, but the OD was not going to wait! While Elaine Hunt was trying to work out what else was going to be wrong in William’s boat (she’d already noticed the cunningham, and genniker downhaul, incorrectly rigged), the race started with Steve Hunt, William Carruthers and Bill Smith still some minutes from the line.… Read full article “Winter Draws Nearer”

Autumn Settles In

The nights may drawing in, with the winds more fickle (is that really possible?), and the water’s getting colder, but there were several hardy individuals that took to the water this weekend (with one or two still in shorts!). Saturday saw the end of the GP14 Autumn Cup, with Ken and Val Bell hopeful of another trophy, but sailing secretary Hugh Godfrey’s appearance on the water resulted in them being pipped at the post – both had 5 points, but Hugh had the best results and secured the trophy.… Read full article “Autumn Settles In”