ABBA Night

Abba Might

The hard bit about themed evenings is working out those that have put the effort in, and those that have that have pulled something out of the wardrobe! Being conspicuous by their absence, what were the commodore, vice-commodore, secretary and sailing secretary afraid of revealing to the rest of us – were they really double booked and on tour at an alternative Abba Revival night?

Of course, we were very pleased to have Agnetha in attendance – she just couldn’t keep away from the camera.

Who says life in the kitchen can't be fun?

Agnetha and that Sooper Trooper

And then there was the birthday girl….

The scene for a good evening was set when Wendy was so keen to fill her wine glass, she forgot to open the bottle first. When Claire tried to tempt Alan to have the odd tequila slammer, Captain Sensible took the bottle and put it out of harm’s way; so it was on to the rusty nails! As the evening went on, the tequila came out again, if only to celebrate Rhonwen’s birthday (any excuse?)

The late night celebrations took their toll the following morning with both Claire and Captain Sensible feeling somewhat under the weather!

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