Prizewinners 2017

Flying Fifteen Club Championship

Brackenrigg Cup: Ian Campbell & Lezli-Ann Pearson
Anderson Trophy: Neil Currie & Rory Yardley
Wheel Trophy: Mike Moore & Michaela Sheard
Maurice Dalton Memorial Trophy: Tim Chittenden & Ian Macpherson
Lawson Trophy: Tim Chittenden & Ian Macpherson

Handicap Club Championship

Osprey Trophy: Mark Somerville
T.S.B Trophy: Joe Roberts
Arthur Carr Trophy: Joe Roberts
Eagle Trophy: Robin & Erin Dawson
Kirk Decanter: Mike Cowan
1972 Trophy: James Moore

GP14 Club Championship

Elwyn Banner Mendus Cup: Dave & Lynn Lawson
Philp Prize: Val & Ken Bell
Twiname Prize: Mike Fairlamb & Eric Smith
Hatrick Prize: Alan Jones & Sue Watson

Slow Handicap Club Championship

Mirror Trophy: Phil & Oliver Smith
Bassenthwaite Bell: Oliver Smith
The Kirkpatrick Trophy: Paul Gannon
Iberia Cup: Sandy Simpson
Excalibur Trophy: John Roberts

Flying Fifteen Series Trophies

Blencathra Trophy: Ian Campbell & Lezli-Ann Pearson
Scarness Cup: Ian Campbell & Lezli-Ann Pearson
Dawson Trophy: Ian Campbell & Lezli-Ann Pearson
Ullock Mug: Ian Campbell & Lezli-Ann Pearson
Jak Pot: Ian Campbell & Lezli-Ann Pearson
Morgan Trophy: Mike Moore & Michaela Sheard
Flying Enterprise Trophy: Mike Moore & Michaela Sheard
Easterly Trophy: Mike Moore & Michaela Sheard
Mellor Mug: Neil Currie & Rory Yardley
Flying Free Trophy: Simon Longstaff & Jon Denwood
Denton Trophy (Night Jar): Tim Knowles & Martin Statter

Handicap Series Trophies

Grisedale Cup: Mark Somerville
Wythop Plate: Mark Somerville
May Holiday Cup: Mark Somerville & Joe Roberts
Comet Trophy: Mark Somerville
Easter Holiday Trophy: Mark Somerville
August Cup: Mark Somerville & Phil Davenport
Skiddaw Trophy: Steve Hunt & Ruth Critchley
Spring Holiday Plate (Fleet A): Steve Hunt & Ruth Critchley
Isel Cup: Robin & Erin Dawson
Barf Plate: Joe Roberts
Dodd Trophy: Mike Fairlamb
Evening Plate (Night Jar): Tony King

GP14 Series Trophies

Bass Tankard: Dave & Lynn Lawson
Aitken Cup: Dave & Lynn Lawson
Autumn Cup: Dave & Lynn Lawson
Stables Prize: Dave & Lynn Lawson
Graham Cup: Dave & Lynn Lawson
Harney Hetherington Trophy (Fleet A) : Dave & Lynn Lawson
Spring Cup (The Jak Plak): Mike Fairlamb & Eric Smith
Night Jar : Mike Fairlamb & Eric Smith
McMillan Cup (June Cup): Mike Fairlamb & Eric Smith
Lyne Tankard: Andy Smith & Phil Hodgkins
Commodores Prize: Joan & Jack Hardie
Mustard Pot: Alan Jones & Sue Watson

Slow Handicap Series Trophies

Orsova Cup: Phil & Oliver Smith
Reflection Trophy: Phil & Oliver Smith
AB Series: Phil & Oliver Smith
Round Table Tankard: Phil & Oliver Smith
Peel Pot: Phil Smith
The Albert Bates Trophy: Jonathan & Henry Bullen
Mirror Mug : Andy Smith
Red Sails Trophy: Sandy & Douglas Simpson
Image Tankard: Sandy & Douglas Simpson
Windfall Trophy (Fleet A): John Roberts
M Series (Night Jar): John Roberts
Singlehanded Trophy: Paul Gannon

Races & Series for All Classes

RNLI Pennant: Dave & Lynn Lawson
October Sun Series FH: Dave & Lynn Lawson
Max Joule Memorial Trophy: Dave Lawson
Albert Bates Retirement: Rory Yardley & Eleanor James
Calvert Trust Pennant: Rory Yardley & Eleanor James
October Sat Series FH: Val & Ken Bell
October Sat Series PH: Val & Ken Bell
Celebrity Glass Trophy: Mike Moore & Michaela Sheard
Eric Twiname Trust / Bass Burgee: Mike Moore & Michaela Sheard
Jubilee Sailing Trust: Steve Hunt & Ruth Critchley
Tinker Trophy: Joe Roberts
Crews Race: Ken Bell
Senior Race: Mike Fairlamb & Eric Smith
Autumn Sun Series PH: Joan & Jack Hardie
2016 Winter Series Personal Handicap: Paul Gannon
2016 Winter Series Fleet Handicap: Tony King
Jimmy Lancaster Memorial Trophy: Paul & Vicki Bowmer
Paul Carruthers Memorial Trophy: Joan & Jack Hardie
Night Jar under 16: Jenny Overend

Special Prizes

Sandra’s Salver: Eleanor James
The Roger Pryde Memorial Trophy: Erin Dawson
Consistency Cup: William Carruthers