7/8 May

Unusually, Saturday’s forecast for light winds proved to be accurate, resulting in a small turnout of eight boats for the next races in the MJM series.

Shortly after the start, the wind eased, so the race was shortened at the end of the first lap, but the lead boats were happy to wait while Oliver persevered to complete the lap in his Tera.… Read full article “7/8 May”

Night Jar 1

A light westerly breeze with regular shifts coming round Sale Fell greeted the 17 boats, including 5 Teras, who turned out for the first Night Jar of the Thursday evening series.

So keen was Ant to get started in his new role that he forgot to take a Race Officer with him (sorry Robin) but with the able assistance of Pen and moral support from Sid, racing started on time despite worries from shore that there might be an early start.… Read full article “Night Jar 1”