May Bank Holiday

The weekend started off with a gloriously sunny, but cold, day and a light, variable wind. There was another excellent turnout of cadets and juniors for the morning training, many of which gave the afternoon racing a go too.

The light NE wind looked promising for racing, but it faded, delaying the start, then came back in from the east, swinging quickly to the SE though the start sequence.… Read full article “May Bank Holiday”

April Sunshine

The sunny weather continues, with light winds for another busy juniors and cadet training session. The light winds were forecast to continue but, unexpectedly, the wind freshened from the NE and held throughout the afternoon racing.

As ever, the wind swung back and forth, but overall the strength held giving rise to various capsizes, and some great planing conditions at times.… Read full article “April Sunshine”

Shiver Me….

Another bustling Saturday morning for the cadets and juniors, with sufficient breeze to get them all on the water.

The northerly breeze was cold, but the sunshine helped temper the conditions (when it wasn’t hiding behind the odd cloud!). The fleet of 26 boats had to contend with a light breeze which swung, and eased from time to time, causing the fleet to spread out, and prolong the first race.… Read full article “Shiver Me….”

Just Like Old Times

Easter Saturday, sunshine, and the first day of club racing provided a perfect combination to get more than 20 boats racing.

The morning started with 21 boats out for a junior cadet training session in some light winds.

The wind remained light for the afternoon racing, and it was variable in strength, and shifty to boot, so racing was confined to the NW corner of the lake to try and stay in the wind.… Read full article “Just Like Old Times”