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Flash of summer

Weekend sailors enjoyed the best conditions of the season so far, with warm, sunny weather, and light-medium southerly winds.

Not exactly capsizing conditions, though John Reekie seemed to upturned several times. There was sufficient wind for Neil to suffer from aching muscles on Sunday as he got used to sailing a Laser while Archie waits for his hand to recover…

AJ/Sue had some close racing with Val/Ken with a fair share of wins between them.… Read full article “Flash of summer”

Another High

High pressure on Saturday again squeezed out the likelihood of good winds, but there was enough to wind to get racing underway. The general wind direction was from the north, but, as ever, it did swing from time to time.

Banter/Oscar in their RS200 led the handicap fleet in both races, finishing with a 1st and 2nd, with some close competition from Neil/Archie in their RS200 finishing 2nd and 5th, but Mike/Jack in their Graduate were in close contention, finishing 3rd and 1st to hold the lead in the series.… Read full article “Another High”