Bart’s Bash 2018 – What a turnout!

Bass – Bart’s Bash : 15 September 18

A Bit of Bashing

Not physically, but had to match the heading that William composed last week!

The Bash had more competitors than a normal club race but, with many of the top crews not involved, it felt more like a Night Jar round. And the wind was its ever fickle self.  Having set a line for 8 as the windward mark it swung 90 degrees to 0 so a new line had to be set and the course re-measured.

Who were the stand-out crews?  Well the leaders were Alex & Olivia.  They relished the tight kite legs as did AJ & Sue.  Nigel & John were well to the fore at one stage but they dropped back mid race while Paul was progressively moving up in his Laser and battling with the Solos of Tony and Stan.

Xanthe went for a brief swim and Barbara a longer one but they both righted and went on to finish.  Martin & Alison got lost – they said they couldn’t find 2 and blamed the organisers for moving it out of position!

Jon decided to throw in a second race.  Not sure what it counted for?  But it gave a chance for Joe, James & Jenny and Val & Ken a chance to redeem their usual Front of the Fleet positions.

Latest Positions

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