Bridget Plays Away!

Yes Bridget was playing away and flying the Bass burgee at Annandale this weekend (but, of course, it was with Ginge). Ok so the weather frightened off many competitors, and those that did compete didn’t try more than once. But Ginge knew Bridget was in the mood and he went out for all he could get, but it was worth it as they managed to stay upright all the time, and came away with the winners trophy.

Meanwhile, Telf and Andy went to Chase for their GP open, but sticking with a healthy diet wasn’t what was needed for the force 5 – They were leading the first race until the wind picked up and overpowered their ‘slight’ bodies! Bagging two 3rds and a 4th gave them a respectable 5th overall out of 30 boats. Two firsts by Andrew Hately gave him the series. In for a penny? – Telf and Andy will be testing their skills at Satunton Harold for the Midlands this weekend.