Flying 15 Open – All Change!

On Saturday, the hot sunny weather with a good southerly breeze to boot was looking extremely promising. The OD, who vowed to start on time, had to delay matters when the effects of a sea breeze started to put his plans for a course, taking the fleet around the lake, to pot. After this delay in setting a course to suit the new wind, the fleet were so eager to get down to it that there was a general recall. Fortunately, they behaved themselves after that and got off to a clean start second time around.

However, the winds had not settled down; with continual wind changes and the odd hole to contend with positions were regularly changing. Steve Goacher and Neil Platt enjoyed some good racing, but it was Neil that went on to win the first race.

The second race was held in more constant airs, and there were several battles going on throughout the race. Neil Platt again secured the lead and went on to win.

Saturday evening started with lasagne and chianti, and as the Stella started to flow a pool competition got underway. It’s anyone’s guess as to who (should have) won, but after several more Stellas very few people cared! Did this affect concentration levels for Sunday’s racing…?

Sunday threatened to be a bit of a drifter, but just before the scheduled 10.30 start the wind started to fill in from the South and the racing was under way just 15 minutes late. The lead was again a battle between Steve Goacher and Neil Platt with Steve taking command of the situation, but Neil stole his chance on the final mark rounding to take the third race and secure the series. This didn’t stop the two taking to the water for the final race. The wind had faded over lunchtime and it was hoped that a sea breeze would take over. However, although the wind filled in from the West with the sea breeze, northerly gusts of wind gave the starboard side of the beat the advantage. Steve Goacher was quick to notice this and soon had a commanding lead. The northerly gusts played their part in reducing Steve’s lead on the next beat, but he stayed ahead and didn’t make the same mistake again and he went on to win the final race.

Winners Neil Platt and J Marston

Other prizes for the weekend went to that silvery haired Neil Currie with Toggle Cowan for their ‘outstanding’ performance in the Neil’s former F15 in the silver fleet. The Classic boat prize went to Keith Jamieson.

Overall results:

PN    Boat  Helm          Crew           Club             1   2   3   4 Pts
 1    3770  N PLATT       J MARSTON      BOLTON & WEST    1   1   1   2   3
 2    3721  S GOACHER     P EVANS        RWYC             2   2   2   1   5
 3    3673  S BEATTIE     J SOMMERVILLE  BASS             3   3   3 DNS   9
 4    3734  H GREEN       I PRESTON      LEIGH & LOWTON   7   4   5   3  12
 5    3473  M MOORE       I SMITH        BASS             4   7   6   4  14
 6    3560  I CAMPBELL    T FISHER       BASS             5   5   4   6  14
 7    3265  N CURRIE      M COWAN        BASS             6   6   7   5  17
 8    3521  P BURNELL     I MACPHERSON   BASS             8   8   8   9  24
 9    3268  W CARRUTHERS  A SMITH        BASS            10   9  10   7  26
10    3332  W SOMMERVILL  J HARDON       BASS             9  10  12  10  29
11    1117  K JAMIESON    MAFF SMITH     BASS            12  12  11   8  31
12    3281  M WATSON      D FIRTH        REYC            11  11   9 DNS  31
13    2504  S KIRKPATRIC  K THOMAS       BASS            13  13  13  11  37

                                        Points for RTD = 14  14  14  12
                                        Points for DSQ = 14  14  14  12
                                        Points for DNS = 14

 3 races to count