A Sailor’s Tale

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank a couple of people from your sailing club. I arrived on Saturday afternoon (24/06) to gather some information regarding membership, joining fees etc. I got talking to a lady called Jane Hall & a young fella called Philip Hodgkins. They made me feel very welcome and gave me lots of useful information, including contact names, addresses, telephone numbers & Email addresses.

The Tale – As we continued with our conversation I mentioned to Jane that the last time I had sailed was about 20 years ago, this was during a Royal Engineers sailing course based on the river Weser in Germany. This is where it all begins to go a bit blurry. Before I knew it, Jane & Philip went to the trouble of getting out a club boat (Topper) & rigged it up for me. Jane lent me a pair of wetshoes & that was it! With a wry smile they bid me on my way & all for the measly sum of £3.00. By now the adrenalin had kicked in & I felt like a wasp on speed!! After finally realising that I was afloat it took several minutes for me to realise that I had to do some work to sail this object that I was sat in. I just about managed a few North – South legs & was beginning to feel safe-ish. Not wanting to overdo it I decided to bring the boat back in & watched eagerly for tips as other members drifted in quite calmly & expertly. Being rather impetuous I under estimated my distance from the shore. I promptly lifted the dagger board and jumped straight over the side into what I thought was a couple of feet of water. Imagine my surprise when I felt my private bits under my chin as I wallowed in about 2 metres of Bass!! Just then a slight breeze capsized my craft thanks to me removing the said daggerboard. I was promptly aided by another willing member who re-inserted the daggerboard & righted the boat. Once on terra-firma I thanked all concerned & scuttled away a very embarrassed but chuffed & exhilarated SAILOR Not deterred  I shall return – hopefully, if permitted. Once again Many Thanks for a great afternoon.

Best Regards Martin