And We Are Off!

After the longest close season ever, racing started this afternoon with a fleet of 20 boats.

Despite best intentions, racing didn’t quite get started on time due to the starting horn opting to remain in lockdown for the time being. However, the trusty bar bell was relocated The Bates. Meanwhile, the wind proved that it hadn’t forgotten how to swing, so the start line was reset before racing got underway.

The rules seemed to be a bit rusty for some, with plenty of shouting on the first handicap start, various collisions, a near miss, and an OCS! For some sailors, they quickly slipped back into the groove, while others, well, were a bit rusty.

The bulk of sailors were racing single handed, and most of which ended up practising their capsize technique at some stage through the afternoon, resulting in a smaller turnout for the second race.

Though Dave/Lynn secured two wins in their GP, Val/Ken did put up a better challenge in the second race to take the lead for a while. John/Jack finished the day 2nd overall.

Scumper led both races in the handicap fleet, but the adjusted results gave him a 5th and a 1st, finishing 2nd overall behind Eric Twiname lookalike (well I thought so) Zefer, who secured a 1st and a 2nd. Toggle was in the frame as well, finishing 3rd overall.

Matty was sailing well, beating Mik on the water, and taking two wins, and an overnight lead

July WD Series – latest results