April Sunshine

The sunny weather continues, with light winds for another busy juniors and cadet training session. The light winds were forecast to continue but, unexpectedly, the wind freshened from the NE and held throughout the afternoon racing.

As ever, the wind swung back and forth, but overall the strength held giving rise to various capsizes, and some great planing conditions at times. Although Scumper in his RS100 led both races, he could not break away sufficiently to win either of them, taking a 5th and a 6th on handicap. It was John/Jack in a GP, and Dave in a Laser Radial, that battled it out each securing a 1st and a 2nd place, with Dave taking his win by just 1 sec on handicap. Bean, sailing with Lucy in their Mirror, took 3rd in the first race before calling it a day.

The Juniors were led by Matty who, unfortunately, sailed them around the wrong course in the first race! Perhaps, there’s a lesson to be learnt there?

Dave presently leads the series ahead of John/Jack.

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Sunday morning had AJ on his prayer mat hoping that the early morning breeze spotted on the webcam would hold. Of course, that must have been the kiss of death as the wind fizzled out, only returning in patches every now and then.

Racing did get underway by 1230hrs but it remained light, and boats had some motion even in the mirror like conditions. One lap, and 30 minutes, was considered enough for the lead boat, especially as the tail enders would take twice as long. Despite their lead, Chris/Evie in their RS200 finished 4th on handicap behind Joan/Jack, and Paul B in a Solo.

Perhaps AJ’s efforts on the prayer mat had an effect as AJ/Sue won the GP race ahead of John/Jack and Val/Ken. AJ promised to have a drink on everyone’s behalf!

In the Slow handicap fleet all the competitors were Smiths! So no surprises that a Smith won, namely Phil/Lucy, ahead of Katia who kept herself company on the slow drift to the finish by singing Take a chance on me.

Though there was a couple of boats interested in having another race, most voted with their paddles. So the remaining race was cancelled.

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