Bank Holiday Planning 

Good afternoon folks,

Just thinking ahead to the Bank Holiday weekend, there’s a heatwave on the way!! On the Saturday we have The Hunters Curry Night, Kerri has another thread running for anyone who would like to order, and on Sunday we have The Great Big Bass Spring Very Posh Bring and Eat Dinner”!!

In years gone by we have held a Spring Dinner Dance at an outside venue, this has fallen by the wayside for various reasons, and it would be lovely to try and re-introduce it into the social programme! We will have a separate children’s buffet table, they can have the same food as the adults, with a few more child friendly offerings should your little treasures prefer it, but at a height that they can see it all and so they don’t have to queue with the hungry adults!!! Regarding the hungry adults, we might have to limit portions of hot food to a couple each so that everyone gets a share of something hot!! ???????!!!!!!!Because it’s attempting to be a Posh Affair, perhaps we women could wear pretty frocks and the men could wear shirts, with their shorts obviously!! I’m not expecting dickie bows!! 

And I’ve got some new balls, ??, so we could even try to have one of last years postponed rounders matches!! JD could Skype himself in as the umpire!! 

Here’s to a fab weekend, see you all on Friday 

Andrea xx

Hello again, after the atrocities in Manchester this week, I as soooo looking forward to catching up with my Big Bass Family at the weekend in what I deem is to be my “safe place”! 

Anyway, just to suggest that people add a small lump of fancy cheese and a few fancy biscuits to their shopping list so that we can create a cheeseboard for each table after the Bring and Eat on Sunday!! 

Thank you, Andrea xx