Club Championship Results 1998


Last weekend the 17/18th October saw the final weekend series that counted towards the Club Championship. Cold, blustery weather on Saturday was not to the liking of the Flying 15s and they stayed on shore and watched the GPs and Lasers cope with varying weather conditions that at the end of the afternoon left a covering of snow on Skiddaw.

No sailing for the Flying  15s meant that William Carruthers, who had to win all 5 races over the weekend to win the championship, would be second to Scott Beattie. Neil Currie, who braved the elements on Saturday along with world champion Steve Goacher but only to do some tuning sessions in preparation for the next World Championships to be held in Esperance, Australia next February, finished third overall.

The Flying 15s sailed all three races on Sunday to settle a closely fought battle. After two races Mike Moore and William Carruthers each had a 1st and a 3rd, and Graham Kirkpatrick had two 2nds resulting in everything being on the last race. Graham Kirkpatrick took an early lead and left Mike and William to battle it out. Spinnaker problems for Mike enabled William to pass and chase Graham. Although it seemed the race was over when the shorten course signal was sounded, Graham mistook which leg of the course he was on and headed for the clubhouse. This allowed William, crewed by Graham’s daughter Andrea, to take the lead and win the weekend series! Mike, with a 1st and a 2nd finished 2nd and Graham 3rd overall.

Club Championship

Flying Fifteen:

Brackenrigg Trophy Scott Beattie John Somerville
Anderson Trophy William Carruthers Andrea Kirkpatrick
Wheel Trophy Neil Currie Ian Preston
Maurice Dalton Trophy Mike Moore Antonia Nuttall
Handicap Championship David Lancaster Steve Hannah
Lawson Trophy William Carruthers Andrea Kirkpatrick


Arthur Carr Trophy Mark Somerville
T.S.B Trophy Andrew Thomas
Handicap Championship Matthew Fairlamb


Elwyn Banner Mendus Cup Andrew Greenhalgh Duncan Greenhalgh
Philp Prize Don Mitchell Mike Cowan
Twiname Prize Mike Fairlamb Tim Knowles
Handicap Championship Rod Coy Frank Wainwright
Hatrick Prize Val Bell Ken Bell
Kirkpatrick Prize Andrew Greenhalgh
Beginners Prize Ian Clarke


Club Championship Phil Smith Robyn Still
Excalibur Trophy Andrew Fletcher Nia Fletcher
Handicap Championship Mary Snape
Iberia Cup James Still Victoria Still
Bassenthwaite Bell Not awarded

Flying Fifteens :

Blencathra Trophy William Carruthers Silkworm
A T Cup William Carruthers Silkworm
Morgan Trophy William Carruthers Silkworm
Bassenthwaite Burgee William Carruthers Silkworm
Flying Enterprise William Carruthers Silkworm
Transom Trophy William Carruthers Silkworm
Ullock Mug Scott Beattie Ffartoomuch
Jack Pot Scott Beattie Ffartoomuch
Easterly Trophy Scott Beattie Ffartoomuch
Mellor Mug Scott Beattie Ffartoomuch
Dawson Trophy Scott Beattie Ffartoomuch
Auditors Trophy Neil Currie The Last Resort
Flying Free Trophy Neil Currie The Last Resort
Scarness Cup Neil Currie The Last Resort
Jimmy Lancaster Memorial Neil Currie The Last Resort
C.S.S.A Trophy Jim Christie Ffireblade
KGVFS Jim Christie Ffireblade
Denton Trophy Jim Christie Ffireblade
Bryson Helm Trophy John Somerville Ffartoomuch
Celebrity Glass Trophy Dave Lancaster Ratcatcher
RNLI Pennant Keith Thomas
Winter Series 1997 Ian Campbell Too Long in the Toof

Lasers :

Dodd Trophy Mark Somerville
Barf Trophy Mark Somerville
Easter Holiday Trophy Mark Somerville
May Holiday Trophy Mark Somerville
Isel Cup Mark Somerville
Grisedale Cup Mark Somerville
Skiddaw Trophy Mark Somerville
Comet Trophy Mark Somerville
Foxtail Trophy Andrew Thomas Model T
A T Cup Andrew Thomas Model T
Evening Plate Andrew Thomas Model T
Spring Holiday Trophy Joe Roberts
Ladies Prize Victoria Bloss

GP14s :

Bass Tankard Andrew Greenhalgh Shirl
A T Cup Andrew Greenhalgh Shirl
Ross Wear Helm Andrew Greenhalgh Shirl
Commodores Prize Andrew Greenhalgh Shirl
Stables Prize Andrew Greenhalgh Shirl
McMillan Cup John Telford Life
Aitken Cup John Telford Life
Harney Hetherington Rod Coy
Personal Handicap Rod Coy
Autumn Cup Margaret Trotter New Era
Knockout Trophy Margaret Trotter New Era
Spring Cup Mike Fairlamb Screamer
Bowes Sinclair Trophy Mike Fairlamb Screamer
Banana Stakes Don Mitchell Men Behaving Badly
October Series Don Mitchell Men Behaving Badly
Mustard Pot John Riley Boo
Lyne Tankard Wyn Roberts Millie
Graham Cup Hugh Godfrey Spindrift
Night Jar Mike Turner Smoove

Mirrors :

Reflection Trophy Phil Smith
Red Sails Trophy Phil Smith
Peel Pot Phil Smith
Round Table Tankard Phil Smith
AB Series Phil Smith
A T Cup Phil Smith
Bates Series Phil Smith
Personal Handicap Alistair Fletcher Green Banana
Windfall Trophy Alistair Fletcher Green Banana
Knockout Trophy Alistair Fletcher Green Banana
M. Series Mike Fairlamb Red Dwarf
Tinker Trophy Mike Fairlamb Red Dwarf
Orsova Cup Not Awarded
Kirk Helmsman Anthony Still Abacas

Handicap Fleet :

Saturday Series Not Awarded
Sunday Series R Still
Roger Pryde Memorial Joe Roberts
Consistency Trophy John Sinclair