Enterprise North West Area Championship

Last weekend saw Lasers, Enterprises and Mirrors converging on the lake for some Open Meetings. In addition, the Enterprises were sailing for their North West Area Championship.

Desperately fluky winds on Saturday and most of Sunday taxed ‘light air’ skills to the limit, the wind only picking up for the last race. Leads changed frequently and there were some nailbiting contests.

Enterprise North West Area champions are Chris and Al Fry from Hallamshire with Nick Miller and Innes Wilkinson from Winsford Flash second. Third were Martin Honnor and Simon Haighton, Hallamshire. The home club took the first five places in the Laser Open with Pete Lawson the winner. Second was Andy Smith and third, Mark Somerville.

With the Mirrors it was the visitors who scored with Gareth Hughes and Neil Evans from Hollingworth coming home ahead of Robert Phillips and Thomas Partington from Hollingworth Lake SC. Third were Iwan and Nia Fletcher from Bass. In this class both Iwan and Nia together with Tim and Rob Smith (7th) were all competing in their first Open.

Photos from the open meeting.

Winner of Mirror open - Gareth Hughes and Keith Evans Overall winner Chris Fry looked on by Vice-Commodore Judith Kirkpatrick