ET Weekend

With increased prevalence of COVID infections and the cancellation of the ET Championships, members had the club to themselves for the weekend, and benefitted from the Bass microclimate. The forecast showers did not come to fruition, whilst the sailing was underway at least! Saturday was declared a fun day with a combination of racing, running and paddle boarding.
The racing took the form of a pursuit race, perhaps more aptly chasing the wind which was a reluctant participant. During the start sequence, the light airs swung through 90 degrees, but did bed in from the west a while later.

Sunday started with another good early morning southerly. There was an excellent turnout of 32 boats for the two race fleet handicap series. The wind eased towards the end of the first lap, but came back again. Banter/Rory were putting up a good fight against Bean/Naomi, both in RS200s, but after claiming water at the leeward mark, Banter touched it and then promptly capsized as he started to do his turns.

Just before the start of the next race, the wind veered massively to the SW, so the line was moved. Perhaps the threatening rain cloud was disturbing the wind, but it took a short while to find a settled wind direction, and then get the race underway. Beating into mark 1 is not always ideal, especially when the wind eases, fortunately it filled in again, to get the fleet ashore just in time to pack their boats away in a major downpour!

Final results

Overall Results for Saturday

Junior Sail-Run-SUP
1 Jack Katia Poppy 1st Team
2 Henry Matthew Thomas 2ndTeam
3 Elisa Elisa Elisa 1stSolo
4 Arthur Arthur Arthur 2ndSolo
5 Lily/Georgina Lily/Georgina Lily/Georgina 3rdTeam
6 Alfie Alfie Alfie 4thSolo
7 Oliver Oscar Harrison 4thTeam
8 Grace Ruben Bethany 5thTeam
9 Keeva/Bel Keeva/Bel Keeva/Bel 3rdSolo
10 Charlotte Saskia Amber/Charlotte 6thTeam
11 Kaitlin/Andrew Kaitlin/Andrew Kaitlin/Andrew 4thSolo
12 Agnes Agnes Agnes 5thSolo
Adult Sail-Run-SUP
1 Scumper Scumper Scumper 1st Solo
2 Bean/Oliver Bean/Oliver Bean/Oliver 2nd Solo
3 Caroline/Jude Claire Helen 1st team
4 Dave/Ken Dave Mark 2nd team
5 Caroline/Jude Lucy Rich 3rd Team
6 Alex Alex Alex 3rd Solo
7 Dave/Stephen Stephen Stephen 4th Solo
8 Dave/Stephen Dave Dave 5th Solo
9 Val/Lynn Val/Lynn Helen 4th Team
10 Mike/Sally Mike Sally 5th Team
11 Keith/Gayle Kirsty Becky 6th Team
12 Phil/Oscar Phil/Oscar Phil/Oscar 6th Solo
13 Hugh Hugh Hugh 7th Solo
14 JD Kim JD/Kim 7th Team
15 Alastair Claire Alastair 8th Team
16 Rachael/Paula Lee Lee 9th Team
17 Laura – DNF Georgina Laura 10th Team