Final Club Championship Races

Sunday’s Dessert.

With early mist shrouding the Lake the prospects didn’t look too hopeful. It soon cleared bringing sunshine but there wasn’t much sign of wind.  So we had a postponement while the Bates went in search of some.  A usable patch was found near the eastern shore near 5 and 6 but, as the Postponement flag was still up, no one was sure whether to launch.

Eventually all reached the line and, this time there were starts in the FF and GP fleets. It was good to see Jack back on the water crewing for Joan and they won the one race they entered. Paul and Vicky took the GP series.

In the Fifteens Mike & Kayla won in the morning against Neil & Rory but then suffered a major setback.  Someone switched off the galley extractor hood which cut the oven before Kayla’s meal was cooked. They were beaten in both afternoon races which the crew put down to food deprivation!

In the Handicap fleet it was great to see the 100s of Mark, Ethan and Alex at speed just a couple of lengths apart. Scumper and Alex had a dead heat in Race 5 but it was Mark who took the series with Joe second.

Final results.