Fleet Challenge

With a strong contingent from the GP14 fleet taking on the challenge on the vageries of Windermere, club racing comprised a four race all fleet challenge series whereby finishing times are adjusted on a fleet handicap basis.

Sunday morning racing proved interesting for the spectators at least! Rich Hodgkins took new member David Heal out for a swim sail, but seemed to spend a lot of time demonstrating how shallow the lake is, the effect on burgees of getting a mast stuck in the mud, and how hard it is to get a capsized boat upright once the mast is in the mud! The OD took pity on the pair and shortened the race after one such capsize. Meanwhile, following a prestart capsize, the Blackburns in a lark had an early return to the club showers.

Those at the front of the fleet were not with their mishaps either. Leading laser Ian Macpherson took the leading boats the wrong way around the leeward mark. Hugh and Rhonwen were the first to realise the mistake (Rhonwen said she knew all along, but Hugh said she wasn’t forceful enough – Sorry Hugh, can’t believe that of Rhonwen!!) but, after unwinding their mistake, Hugh hardened up for the beat, forgot to use his toestraps, performed an excellent back flip, then capsized, allowing Ginge and Phil Hodgkins to take the lead with Ian Macpherson chasing.

Sailors were less enthusiastic for the final race, with only three potential starters, the start was delayed while Rich again demonstrated that it is possible to right boats even when their masts get stuck in the mud (or could it be the timing went a bit awry?). Anyway, the boats got away to a clear start, and on the first tack Rich and David went for a further swim! Ian took the lead and held Ginge off for the rest of the race which was enough to win the series.


PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2   3   4 Pts
 1  167828  I MACPHERSON  LAS          4   3   3   1  11
 2   13749  H GODFREY     GP           1   1   2 DNS  15
 3    3521  P BURNELL     FF           3   2  OD DNS  19
 4   13733  A HODGKINS    GP         DNS DNS   1   2  25
 5    3473  M MOORE       FF           2   4 DNS DNS  28
 6   13142  R HODGKINS    GP         DNS DNS   4 RTD  30
 7   68852  N WOOD        MIR          5   5 DNS DNS  32
 8   37814  I FLETCHER    MIR          6   6 DNS DNS  34
 9    2324  R BLACKBURN   LARK       DNS DNS RTD DNS  39
10   33434  S WATSON      MIR          7 DNS DNS DNS  40

                     Points for RTD =  8   7   6   4
                     Points for DSQ =  8   7   6   4
                     Points for DNS = 11

 4 races to count

Word is that Telf and Smithster were set to win the Windermere open with Bean and Toggle third. But it wasn’t to be!
Telf – 2nd
Bean – 4th
Robin Dawson – 5th.