GP 14 Masters – (4000+ years of experience on the water at once?!)

Click here to find out what went on! The GP14 Masters got off to a brilliant start on Saturday (apart from two general recalls!) with good winds, courses and excellent racing.Bridget got her nibbles out again on Friday, and then it was Elaine’s turn on Saturday (in celebration of Mike’s forthcoming retirement).

Click on the marquee to find out what went on inside!! Apologies for the occasional fussy picture!

After a late night for some, and having tried their best to drink the bar dry, they started Sunday with a bacon buttie and waited for the wind to come in. By 11.30 OD Phil Smith had everyone on the line and got them off to a clean start. Unfortunately the wind had shifted and the first beat was somewhat one sided and this led to some different faces at the front of the fleet. A nifty bit of mark shifting reinstated one beat, but the new leaders held their own for the rest of the race.Graham Flynn’s 4th in this penultimate race was sufficient to secure the series.
The last race had a couple of shaky starts before the black flag started to hit home. The battle for 2nd overall took place between Neil Platt and Richard Instone. Although Neil was close on Richard’s tail, Richard was able to take advantage of one lift that split up the pair for the rest of the race, thereby securing 2nd place.As for the final results? – Click here.

Commodore Jose Hodgkins thanked all that had helped make the weekend such a great success – especially Andy Smith for all his hard work. Secretary Joan Cowan presented the prizes.

Graham Flynn and GP14 President Toby Taylor expressed their thanks to the club for running such a successful event (and beating the weather forecast!)

Overall winners Graham Flynn and Frank Nickles from Bartley Silver fleet winnes Dave Pickering and Linda Estaugh

Bronze fleet winners Richard and Hazel Whitehouse Mike Fairlamb and Eric Smith were the highest finishers with a combined age in excess of 100!

Graham Knox was the higest placed helm over 60 Graham Jones was the highest placed helm over 50 Frank Nickles was the winning crew over 40

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Copies of full size pictures available on request – just email us
and a word from a happy sailor which makes all the effort worthwhile………Thanks for a superb weekend, apart from the multiple restarts in the last race, for which we only have ourselves to blame, it was great, lots of good memories and not to many aches and pains. Well done on the web site, and generally all the hardwork that has gone in throughout the weekend.

Look forward to visiting again.

Good sailing,