Important info and pics from the Commodore taken earlier today⛵️⛴?

Thankfully the flood water has not reached the clubhouse floor but the outbuildings are badly flooded. I’m sure there will be numerous working parties organised when the clean-up operation commences but we must be careful that each area is safe before access is made. Mike Cowan isolated the electricity supplies to most of the outbuildings some days ago. Dave (N) will carry out a survey of the electrical supplies across the site tomorrow (Monday), if the water level recedes, and will isolate all remaining supplies other than those in the clubhouse.
Please do not access outbuildings until the electricity supplies have been a isolated and made safe (remember we now have a 460Volt supply to the site).There will inevitably be damage to equipment and it is very important that we have photographs of any damage for insurance purposes. When any outhouse doors are opened for the first time it’s important that photographs are taken before any equipment is moved. Any damaged equipment must be photographed and retained until such time as the loss adjuster has been to the site and has given us written permission to dispose of any items.
Club Council