Ladies, Seniors, Juniors & Crews race – which category should I choose?

Getting competitors to sign on for this race was difficult. Many were waiting to see which category others were going in before deciding which Fleet was likely to bring them an award! When all had put their names on the sheet the OD took it on the water to establish who was sailing what. He chose a longer course consisting of 0-A-B-4 and 21 boats started. In the Handicap Fleet John Reekie sailing his Skiff misjudged it and got badly boxed in behind the Wayfarer of Chris Lloyd / David Furguson. Terry Hall had rig failure and spent some time on the lee shore before starting late along with three of Neil’s trainees.

 The Skiff inevitably moved into the lead on the water with Olivia & Alex’s 200 and Joan & Jack’s GP in the following positions. The GP pair took the Seniors Award plus first overall in the race on boat handicap while Olivia took the Crews Prize.

 Slightly further down the order were the battling GPs of Sue & AJ and Kath & Glenys. Sue just squeezed home first but had opted for the Crew Fleet allowing Kath to take the cherished Ladies Prize

 Initially it was thought that Lottie, helming Jim’s Hartley, had won the Junior Prize but, after Hazel firmly pointed out she was not in a Handicap boat, she was correctly allocated the top spot.  

 When Josh’s brand new Tera had been retrieved from an inversion near 0 all hurried ashore and into the Clubhouse to avoid being drenched from the horrific looking storm clouds which were building overhead. Lynn & David had put on a great meal and it was good to see most relaxing and chatting afterwards. Not quite the “end of term” but, with a four week gap to the next Thursday race, it certainly looked like it!