More of the Summer wine

The weather was absolutely glorious throughout the weekend. There was some wind for the sailors and lots of sun for the shore crews to enjoy. Saturday racing saw the climax to a long series of races. The flying Fifteens were out in force with seven boats competiting for the Dawson Trophy. The first race saw some excitement on the start line. Mike Moore pushed Ian Campbell over the start line and also went over himself, which then meant they both had to come back over the start line as everyone else sailed ahead to the first mark. The race was eventually won by David Lancaster (Cockermouth) and Steve Hannah (Great Boughton), with W. Carruthers (Carlisle) and Ian Smith (Harrington) second. Despite the start Ian Campbell (Cockermouth) and Tony Fisher (Carlisle) came in third. The second race saw a change in fortunes with Mike Moore and Jennifer Moore (Wesham) coming first, D Lancaster and Steve Hannah second and William Carruthers and Ian Smith third. This meant the overall results for the series were first Mike Moore, second Ian Campbell and a close third for David Lancaster. The GP14 fleet had six boats competing in the final leg of the Autumn Cup. Both races were eventually dominated by David and Lyn Lawson (Kendal), but Mike Fairlamb (Deanscales) and Mike Cowan (Maryport) were fighting all the way and came second. The GP 14 field included two young sailors, Wendy Lewis (Braithwaite) sailing with her dad Nigel and Richard Hodgkins (Brigham) sailing with Rhowen Bryce (Whitehaven). Both had very good races and were very close on the finish line finishing within a few yards of each other, Wendy Lewis just managing to stay ahead of Richard Hodgkins. The final result for the Autumn Cup was Mike Fairlamb and Mike Cowan first, Ginge and Jose Hodgkins second and Tim Knowles and Philip Hodgkins (Brigham) third.

Sunday was a very warm day and it was appropriate that we should be competing for the Wine Challenge. The sun and wind ensured a great turnout with 21 boats racing for the wine. Wendy Somerville(Carlisle) and Elaine Fairlamb (Deanscales) were the worthy winners with David and Lyn Lawson (Kendal) second. William Carruthers (Carlisle) and Ian Smith (Harrington) were third.

On Thursday night the crews and ladies race was held. A strong fleet took to the water in calm conditions. This was the night the crews helmed and the helms crewed – leading to some fun on the water, ‘starboard’ was called many times as the ‘learner’ helms sailed a great course. The winner of the ladies race was Wendy Lewis (Braithwaite) and the crew’s race was won by Philip Hodgkins (Brigham). Well done to both of these 14 year olds.