Night Jar 1 – 25 April 19

A thunder storm was rolling around the hills in the late afternoon so there is was a   question mark on whether we would have boats on the water and a race start.

But it was ok at Bass with a light southerly and we had twenty starters.  Mind you, the Somervilles and Smiths had six boats between them Mark in the 100 was instructing Cameron in the Oppy while Matthew was doing his own thing in a Feva. Andy, with Lily as crew, were up against Katia in a Topper and Mother in one of the Powell Streakers (Don’t ask!).

The OD set a 1-9 beat followed by A-B-1.  John’s Solo and James & Jenny’s 200 were the first pair of boats to round the windward mark and contested the first couple of legs with Neil’s Laser, Joan & Jack’s GP and Mike’s Streaker next up at the end of lap 1.

With the skies darkening and the weather closing in, the OD decided to finish a handful of boats after the first lap.  These included Barbara in the Radial although she decided to carry on and complete the second lap.

The GP had made up considerable ground and was the first boat to finish on 2 laps.  Neil also made up a place with other lead positions being unchanged. Richard Hughes amongst others, put in a good performance in his elderly Radial.

Susie, with AJ’s hindrance, had delicious food ready for each crew as they completed their stowing and changing.

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