Night Jar 10 – What happened to the Course Board?

It started with drizzle and, when it got heavier, many decided on wet weather gear. But, out on the Lake it was dry and sunny! The line was set at A and the 6 minute flag was raised. But what about the course board? Oh dear, forgot about that! Much activity on the Bates and the course went out at 3 minutes – 0-1-A. 

Nobody, amongst the 12 competitors, really complained as they were too busy lining up for the start! It appeared to be a fetch but turned into a true beat half way down. The wind was light and places were won and lost rounding 0 for the first time. Alex and Olivia in their 200 were true to form and had a huge lead by the end of the first circuit although they found the approach to A flukey. Tony King’s Laser and the GP’s following at a distance.

On lap 2 all sorts of strange things happened. Joan and Jack dropped to the back of the GP grouping. Tony also suffered and his challenge to the GP’s was taken up by David Haselden in the Solo.

The wind strengthened a little and Alex’s lead increased a lot! He and Olivia were tackling their fourth lap while others were completing their third or second. David Roger’s Topper was the first to finish on 2 laps a whisker ahead of the GP of Mike & Eric on 3.

On FH it was Alex from Mike with David Haselden and excellent third. Alex & Olivia easily won on PH but it was Kath Davis and Caroline Chalmers who took an unexpected, if well deserved, second spot. David was third ahead of Peter Winfindale’s Laser.

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