Night Jar 11

Surprising few boats turned out for this Thursday night sailing. The wind was steady and the clouds were broken. A few last minute changes to the race organisation left with Alan Jones being in charge and generously lending his boat to Dave & Lynn Lawson (their boat being out of action).

A trapezoid course was set which would hopefully cater for the various types of boat taking place. The wind was gusty before the start which unfortunately caught out Peter Winfindale who was sailing with Lottie in the Laser 2. Peter went for a swim whilst Lottie looked on! The start was clean and the FF of John Riley & Tim Knowles were just beaten to the first mark by John’s Skiff. The three GPs of Dave & Lynn, Joan & Jack, Val & Ken followed in close pursuit.The wind remained for most of the race but eventually began to fade. A shorten course was called and the slower boats finished in good time, unfortunately the boats became quite strung out due to there position on the course and large gaps developed. The final results were delayed until later so they could be processed.

A fine meal of substantial Steak pie and peas was provided by John Roberts and enjoyed by all.

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