Night Jar 11

Seventeen boats took the start on a superb evening with a constant wind blowing off the Club grounds.  And an eventful start it was too!  In a rush to start on time – well nearly – the Bates crew had omitted to put out the inner mark and a competitor (who shall be nameless!) instructed one of the safety boats to move the distance mark up wind within the start sequence and without consulting the OD.

Hence the ultimate level of starboard bias. The inevitable happened and three boats were squeezed into the Bates and each other fortunately with no damage to boats or crews.

John & Tim in their FF led the fleet around an X course of 0-9-1-A which gave three kite legs. They were followed by the 2000 of James & Jenny and the GPs of Mike / Eric and Val/ Ken who were in close company throughout the race.

It was good to see the Somerville family out in force with Gail & Cameron in a Mirror and Matthew in a Tera.

The well attended evening meal was prepared by Richard who missed out from involvement in the close Solo contest between Tony, John and Rory.

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