Night Jar 11 – overcast but dry and 20 boats on the water

Last Thursday evening was a busy one on Bass. Apart from Neil’s group of trainees, twenty boats appeared for the eleventh round of the Night Jar.It was an overcast but dry evening with a fairly constant Force 2 westerly wind which again meant that the beat would be into zero. Despite Mike Fairlamb asking for a windward – leeward course as a means of keeping up with Alex Leonard’s 200, the OD chose 0-1-B-A.

With a crowded start line Alex & Olivia chose a port end start and were never headed although Joan & Jack moved into a strong second place ahead of the lasers of Tony King and Peter Whipp and the GP of Paul Bowmer with a novice crew.

The leaders were lapping in around 13 minutes and, with many others staying in touch, it was to be a 4 lap race for most. On Lap 2 a whole group of boats made for A at the same time and requests for mark room with subsequent comment was heard on the Bates!

Lottie Winfindale who was sailing strongly in her Laser was allowed to go into lap 4 but her father Peter was finished after 3 along with fellow laser helms Eric Kasiliwski, Tasha Todhunter and the L2000 of Steve Peck / Simon Smith.

Alex & Olivia were first across the line on Lap 4 but had they sufficient lead to take another first on FH? The answer was “no” with Joan & Jack taking the win. But the 200 crew lead the series from Mike & Eric.

Tony took another win on PH and leads that series. Joan & Jack were classified second in the race and Lottie finished an excellent third.

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