Night Jar 13

Another great sailing evening with a constant westerly breeze and yet more warm conditions. Katia / Andy returned with a repaired and now grey painted Mirror following the contretemps a fortnight ago.  18 boats crossed the line for a 0-1-B-A course with the GP of Mike & Eric right on the bubble.  They built up a large lead and led throughout on the water with only Joe’s Laser for company.

Then came a group containing Val / Ken & AJ / Sue in the GP’s, Tony & Rory in Solos and Neil in his Laser.  When to shorten was a real dilemma as this group were finishing their third lap as Mathew’s Tera was coming up to the line on two.  They got through by the belated raising of S but it meant that Jon’s Laser and Nigel / Glenys’s GP which were next were finished on three.

It was all so rapid that the latter crew were unsure if they had finished and did a further lap!  Not sure if they were in time for the meal prepared on this occasion by John Reekie?

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