Night Jar 13

Another Thursday with sunshine and a warm light wind. This time the direction was again NW but it swung NE as the race progressed. There were twenty starters. It would have been twenty one if Andy Sugden’s lauching trolley hadn’t expired on the way to the slipway!

The start was just upwind of A giving a course of 1-4-A. The GP of John Riley / Nigel Lewis took an early lead on the water to be hauled in and overtaken by Joan & Jack Hardie’s 200. Neil Garrison in his Radial and Paul & Vicky Bowmer’ GP had taken advantage of good starts to be well up the fleet whereas Chris Lloyds’s Wayfarer was later over the line but markedly improved position throughout the race.

Eight boats were sent around to complete three laps but, with the wind dropping, the rest of the fleet led by Kath Davis / Glenys Kett were finished after two.

David & Lynn Lawson forfeited racing to prepare the well attended meal and, during this, results were published which showed that it was GP’s to the fore with Paul & Vicky taking the FH win from John & Nigel. On PH the positions were reversed and, with Neil in third place, the three boats were within ten seconds of each other.

Further down the fleet there was family rivalry with Mike Hunter’s Laser finishing one place ahead of daughter Izzie’s Topper and Hazel Newport beating her mother Sarah.

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