Night Jar 14

It was probably due to crews wanting to escape from Jon’s boat-moving work party but we got twelve enthusiastic entrants for Night Jar 14. And two were over enthusiastic going OCS and being recalled! Mind you, that didn’t stop them moving back to the front of the fleet by the second leg.

But the wind was all over the place – enough at A where the Bates was anchored but virtually nothing from 0 around 1 and up to B. Andy / Phil had had enough after one lap but John in the Solo and Mike & Eric continued to crawl their way around.

Richard Hughes in his elderly Radial was the first to be shortened after one 30 minute lap. He had put in a stormer (relatively speaking) and was 8 minutes up on Bob’s Full Rig and over 10 on the fellow Radials of Alan Singleton, John Bracegirdle and Barbara Thompson.

Katia’s Tera and James’ Oppy looked as though they were in with a chance on PH at least. But, although they looked painfully slow, the wind picked up marginally for the back markers and those on 2 laps took the leading results. That didn’t stop Mike & Eric accepting a tow back – for the first time in a long while they said!

There was no food for the first Thursday this year. So thanks are due to Andy and a hungry Katia for staying on to produce the results.

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