Night Jar 17

Better than last week…but only marginally.  Eleven boats crossed the line and headed for A.  But it was painfully slow.  Val & Ken turned around and paddled back to the livestock as John’s Solo had taken an initial lead and wasn’t going to be caught.

The wind filled in from the west but it didn’t reach across the Lake and the drift to B was painful.  Stephen, who was race officer, decided to take a trip in the RiB with Chez and finish all at B.  So, following John, it was Richard Hughes in his colourful Laser after a superb light weather sail. Jon Anson’s Laser was next.

Did anyone want a tow back?  No.  The wind filled in enough to allow all to make it home for the meal!  What meal?  The chefs didn’t turn in for the first time this season.  A disappointing end in several ways to a mammoth series.

Final results