Night Jar 2

What a superb evening to be on the Lake!   Night Jar 2 was held on a glorious evening with a constant Force 2 wind from the South West.  Seventeen boats from all fleets took to the water.  The Race Officer selected a course of 0-9-A with the line slightly up wind of the last mark and it worked well.

Toggle & Joan encountered kite problems on their 200 prior to the race and they were some minutes late when they eventually crossed the starting line.

Mike & Eric in the GP had an excellent start as did Olivia & Alex in their 200.   But the latter crew’s race was a short one as they had a dispute over mark room at 9 with Val & Ken which led to their retirement and also dropped the Bell’s GP back some boat lengths.

Shenanigans amongst the opposition allowed Mike & Eric to build up an early lead which they progressively increased throughout the race.  Next on the water were Gary & Kayla in the FF in close company with the GP of AJ & Sue.  Not far astern Hazel’s in her Radial was duelling with the 2000 of Julie Tomkinson & Joe O’Donnell.  Then came Mike Hunter and Jon Anson in Lasers in close company with Richard Broughton in his Solo.

Lap times were around 11 to 15 minutes and virtually all competitors completed 4 laps.   On the final one Val & Ken caught and passed AJ & Sue and they finished third on the water behind the FF.  As if on cue, the wind died completely as Lottie Winfindale completed the race and she was towed home by a safety boat to link up with her family who were the evening’s chefs.

Results showed that Mike & Eric had taken a resounding win on Fleet handicap with Val & Ken in second place.  On PH Gary and Kayla took a superb first place and what is believed to be Gary’s first ever win.

Latest results – FH   PH