Night Jar 2

The stand in Bates helm realised tonight that the Bates drifts if you don’t let out a lot of rope for the anchor….

With the winds heavier than forecast it looked to be an exciting race. The OD had opted for a course of 0-A-4-1 to give some reaches and try out the new buoy for A. Paul Gannon was planning his topper up and down the start line and looked set to start on time. Unfortunately he had a capsize but undeterred started 5 and a half minutes late.

Alex and Olivia were first to the windward mark in their RS200 closely followed by Joe Roberts in his full rig Laser. It was difficult to get a clear view from the Bates to 0 because Andy Smith and Katya had capsized their mirror and broke the centreboard trying to right it.

After 3 laps, several capsizes and a few retirements the OD shortened the course. Paul Gannon headed back in after rounding 4 on the last lap and Joe Roberts was cursing himself for not using his radial.

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