Night Jar 3

Unlike last week, it was a superb evening for a race. Really warm with an unusual wind from due South. It allowed the OD to set a 9-A-1 course which included a good beat, a near run and a tight reach. The line had some starboard bias but was difficult to read. Those starting at the starboard end and rapidly going onto port for a while appeared to gain most from a wind which curved around Sale Fell. 

Ian/Lezli-Ann in the FF were alternating for the lead position on the water with John Reekie/Hazel Newport in a Merlin with the FF of Tim Knowles/Martin Statter next up. Then came the Geeps of Joan/Jack, Mike/Eric and Val Ken in close company with Tony’s Solo in tow.

The wind held and allowed this first half of the fleet to do four laps but it was decided to shorten for Jim & Poppy in the Wanderer. Then came AJ/Sue in the GP ahead of Jon/Kayla in the FF. Next up on three laps were Peter’s Laser and John Roberts, this week in a radial, followed by the Solos of Richard, Mike and Eric together with Bob’s Radial.

The lead Fifteen and the Merlin had a close finish but the GP helms were even closer with Mike just failing to get water at the final mark and loosing out to Joan by just seven seconds. Val & Ken then hurriedly made their way ashore to serve the previously prepared meal.

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