Night Jar 4

Not so nice an evening last Thursday with overcast sky and a cold SW medium wind. However, sixteen boats took to the water.

The OD didn’t want to risk the wind shadow at 9 so B was moved downwind of it resulting in a short triangle of B-A-3 plus an interesting offset line making it hard to judge the beat from 3 to Y/Z. The other quirk was another short line which lived up to its plan and ended with recalls for Dave & Izzie in the GP and Chris & Julie in the FF.

Alex & Olivia led the fleet in their 200 from the GP’s of Joan & Jack and Val & Ken, and the Lasers of Tony and Neil.

After two laps the wind strength increased. Hazel retired her Radial and Louise her Topper. AJ & Sue also pulled out with undisclosed problems on their GP. At the end of Lap 3 it was decided to shorten for the L2000 of Julie / Melanie. David Roger, sailing well in his Topper, and Jeff Tweddle & Mike Siddall’s 200 followed over the line on three laps.

Steve Peck & Simon Smith inverted their L2000 at the leeward mark and it took the efforts of the crew plus both safety boats to right it and tow it back to the slip. But the last act belonged to young Jos Hunter. He had only completed 2 laps in his topper and was last boat on the water, but he would not accept a tow and set out on a long and challenging beat back to the Club.

On FH Alex Leonard & Olivia Storey were winners from Joan & Jack Hardie. On PH it was, again, Tony King in the lead position with Joan & Jack also taking the runner up place in this category.