Night Jar 6

The wind was stronger than on previous Thursdays and southerly which meant it was blowing around Sale Fell. At least the rain was patchy and light. The course was 9-A-1-3 giving two runs with a tight reach in between. There were fifteen starters most of whom picked up the line’s port bias.

John & Hazel in the Merlin established a slight lead on the water but they were hauled in by Tim & Martin’s FF which had started late, the two boats switching positions several times and finishing ten seconds apart.

Val was the lead GP coming into the Leeward mark for the first time but then there was drama – not of Ms Rydal’s making this time! Val had seen a swimmer close ahead and spun the boat violently to port to avoid contact. In doing so, she nearly dumped Ken overboard. Ches and James on Safety had seen the swimmers and did a great job in guiding them away from impact with the following boats.

This incident let Mike & Eric through, but Joan & Jack couldn’t capitalise on it as they were not enjoying the heavier conditions and subsequently retired. As usual Tony’s Solo was in the GP mix and ahead of AJ & Sue.

It was a fairly long race with four laps and, as the reach tightened to a fetch, so the Lasers moved up, particularly Neil in Radial and Peter with a trapezing lottie in the L2

Then it was covers on and settle down to AJ’s meal.

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