Night Jar 9 – Overcast and Slightly Damp.

IMG_0676.JPGThursday evening was muggy with “spits and spots of rain” as the TV forecasters are fond of saying. So there were only eleven starters after Val decided that looking after food (yet again!) was preferable to joining the fleet.

The light wind was South West so, with a start near B, the beat was to 0 with A being the wing mark. This gave a broad kite leg followed by a tighter one.

At the start signal the Lasers of Tony King and Peter Whipp were OCS but they made rapid returns and restarts. On the first lap Joan & Jack led in their GP closely followed Mike’s Streaker although he dropped back on Lap 2 as did the GP of AJ & Sue.

Tasha Todhunter’s Laser was the first boat to finish on 2 Laps followed by the Topper Contest between David Roger and Rosie Hogg.

The wind had by now swung further South meaning that a single tack from B to the port end of the line wasn’t practical any more. Most boats headed on port for the Bates before tacking off. Chris and Karen in the FF wanted to but AJ was close to windward and, by the time he realised that the FF was entitled to room and tacked, Chris had squeezed through virtually head to wind.

After Joan and then Mike, Tony who had recovered well from his recall, was finished on 3 laps. Not so Peter who was bemoaning a performance well below his best.

Positions on the water reflected Results on FH. Tony beat the Solo of David Haselden for the win on PH and he moves into second place in that Series.oves into second place in that Series.