Party Time

Shrek - eat your heart out!What was in that potion that I was drinking last night? Was I hallucinating? Was there really so many people, friends not just colleagues or acquaintances, down at the club in the middle of Winter drinking, chatting, reminiscing, looking forward to the new season. Some were even dancing – perhaps they had been drinking Claire and Stephen’s potions as well.

‘I’m coming out, I want the world to know’ were the words in Diana Ross’ song that inspired when I started writing these diaries. So with work behind me now, it was wonderful to be able to celebrate with so many. My way of thanking them for all the support and help that they are going to give me during my time as Commodore. But what did I say in that speech? Did the treasurer have to suggest that there was one person for each year of my life – that would make me 63¾ (unless I was seeing double)

Did I really see one of those cleavage’s that I have dreamt about for so many years dangling over the trifle!? Arrhhh. Maybe it was just a dream…..