Paul Carruthers’ Memorial Trophy

As if we didn’t realise it, we can never rely on the forecast at Bass. Though there was a good breeze at the start, it was shifting and not consistent in strength, but blowing from the north gave the OD the opportunity start at 0, and then head ashore before the non forecast shower moved in! However the use of mark N, which had been tucked away in Dubwath bay, to avoid a hook finish caused a barrage of questions for OD AJ so a lead boat guided the fleet around the course (not that they were sure where N was!)

Neil/Judith in their F15 quickly took a clear lead, which was to be eroded away in the changing wind conditions resulting in Paul/Vicki in a GP being on their tail at the finish, and taking the win on handicap, with Joan/Jack 2nd. The next race started in a light breeze that soon faded. This time Joan/Jack mastered their favourite conditions and took the lead from Paul/Vicki followed by Neil/Judith. On handicap, Joan was 1st and Paul 2nd, so they were both on equal points and with the tie being split on the best position in the last race, the trophy goes to Joan/Jack.

Final results