Results Update

You wouldn’t have thought it was the middle of May, and after a lovely spell of fine sunny weather when, on a foul Thursday evening, seven GP14 dinghies raced in rain, gloom, dark clouds and a variable wind. However, nobody capsized and all went well in the sailing department. The winner of the race was Mike Cowan (Crosby, Maryport) with Ginge Hodgkins (Brigham, Cockermouth) coming in second.

The weather was better on the following Saturday with a decent breeze for the first race, but the wind became a bit shifty and quiet during the second race. Both races were part of a series for each class of boat.

The Flying Fifteen series of 10 races is for the Dawson Trophy, and Mr and Mrs Somerville (Dalston, Carlisle) won these two races, in separate boats, John winning the first and Wendy the second.

Eight GP 14s raced on both occasions, the series of five being for the Aitken Cup. The first race was won by John Telford (Whitehaven), the second by Robin Dawson (Carlisle).

In the Mirror class series of 10 for the Bates prize, two races were held, the Smith twins of Harrington, Tim and Rob, winning both.

On Sunday there were two races, under sunshine and blue skies with light winds, for the Banana Stakes prize. The races are normally sailed around the lake but, because of the lack of wind, the first one was sailed at the north end of the lake, the second one being round the lake and taking two hours or more because of the slight wind.

The results of these two races jointly are worked out according to the Portsmouth (handicap) number for the dinghy classes, because the boats all start at the same time and are deemed to be of different speeds.

Those arriving first at the finishing line in race 1 were: GP14 – David Lawson (Kendal); Flying Fifteen – John Somerville (Dalston); Laser – Mark Somerville (Dalston).

In the second race, round the lake, the first Flying Fifteen was helmed by William Carruthers (Carlisle), the first GP14 by Robin Dawson (Carlisle), and the first Laser home was sailed by Mark Somerville (Dalston).

BUT, because the calculations seem to favour the slightly slower boats, the final results, when worked out, showed GP14s in the first four places, the winner being David Lawson (Kendal), one point ahead of Robin Dawson (Carlisle).

Overall results


PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2 Pts
 1   13176  D LAWSON      GP           2   2   4
 2   13326  R DAWSON      GP           4   1   5
 3   13327  MiFAIRLAMB    GP           5   3   8
 4   13013  N LEWIS       GP           6   4  10
 5   93503  J SOMERVILLE  FF           1  11  12
 6  161866  M SOMERVILLE  LAS          7   8  15
 7    3268  W CARRUTHERS  FF          11   5  16
 8    3560  I CAMPBELL    FF          12   6  18
 9    3521  P BURNELL     FF           9  12  21
10    3503  D LANCASTER   FF          14   9  23
11   13161  S SPENCE      GP          10  15  25
12   13482  J TELFORD     GP           3 DNS  26
12   13254  A GREENHALGH  GP          OD DNS  26
14    6642  J SHARP       GP         RTD   7  28
15    3231  M PARRY       FF          18  10  28
16   13118  V BELL        GP           8 RTD  29
17    3332  W SOMERVILLE  FF          16  13  29
18     501  N CURRIE      RS400       15  14  29
19     530  K CLARK       FF          17  16  33
20  125514  R BRYCE       LAS         13 RTD  34
21  144638  J LAST        LAS         19  17  36
22   41143  LET US KNOW!  MIR        DNS RTD  44

                     Points for RTD = 21  21
                     Points for DSQ = 21  21
                     Points for DNS = 23

 2 races to count