Saturday Surprise

After a wet and windy morning, the forecast was for the wind to ease, and it did! (Not that AJ believed it would). Eight boats took to the water.

Dave/Lynn got the best flying start and were first to the windward mark. Scumper caught them up on the next reach, and pulled away. There were some planing reaches early on, but the wind continued to ease throughout the afternoon, perhaps reflecting the changing fortunes in the results, where Scumper had a clear win in the first race but dropping to 5th in the second one. However, Dave was more consistent taking 2nd and 1st places respectively. 

Saturday series latest results 

On Sunday the forecast was for gusty conditions, and more sailors appeared to be taking heed as AJ was the first and only boat to be rigged until, that is, Barbara appeared and he eagerly offered to help her rig her boat. His explanation as to why he offered to help Barbara but not Neil G was, embarrassingly, overheard by Barbara while she was in the toilet…

As the fleet of three headed out, the wind picked up. Barbara was caught out by a gust, and capsized, then struggled to right it. AJ/Sue and Neil G did start, but Neil came back to check on Barbara, then retired. The OD was in a benevolent mood (or did he want to get home for lunch?), and shortened the race for AJ at the end of the first lap. Although Andy T turned up for a sail, no one else was up for another race, which brought the series to an end with Val/Ken the victors, and AJ/Sue a close 2nd

Autumn Sunday series final results