Shunned again

Yet another day without racing.  Not the weather’s fault this time with less wind strength and gusting than forecast – although the forecast itself may have put some people off.

There was plenty of Safety and the OD was ready but, with only one competitor, there was no chance of racing so it was abandoned.  Shunty and Izzie then launched to get in some practice with their dual kite pole configuration.

Maybe tomorrow?

Saturday series final results


They say that “tomorrow never comes”.  But this one did with a clear blue sky and a constant Northerly wind.  Yes, it was chilly – but what do you expect if you sail in late October?

There were eight boats on the water with crews scratching their heads over Banter’s first course 2-4-9-1-S.  With two beats and 2 laps it was a long course.  Mike & Eric finishing first on the water took 53 minutes and half the fleet took 70 minutes plus.

John found the Pico a handful after moving to the Laser and lost a lot of time going head to wind.

The second race had a simpler course of 1-A-0-B.  But, as B had been repositioned into the 9,S,O complex there was again some head scratching.  Bob needed shouts from Mik to stop him heading across the Lake to find it where it usually sits.

James Thomas from Sedbergh School was helming Hazel’s new 200 which they christened with a capsize!

Final results Sunday series