Soggy Start to Weekend

After some glorious days through the week, with plenty of sunshine and wind, Saturday started with torrential rain, which eased as the day moved on, but there was a lack of wind.

The mirror like conditions were broken up by zephyrs, which had Mike and Jack itching to race, but there was a lack of enthusiasm by others, and the mirror like returned, so racing was abandoned for the day.

By Sunday the forecast rain had passed through but the NNE light breeze was slow to develop, so it called for an early lunch, after which the wind had filled in, and continued to increase.

By 1.15 racing was underway. James/Jenny were a bit too eager and had excellent start, albeit they were lined up with the handicap fleet!

Throughout the afternoon the wind varied in strength as different major shifts hit the course.

BL etc latest results (when available)

The second race, the Albert Bates retirement trophy, normally sailed around the lake, immediately followed on. There was a major shift from the east at the start but the wind soon backed to the north. Fortunately the rain held off until racing was over.

Albert Bates Retirement Trophy results (when available)