Some People Just Can’t Wait

Having read the following note on the website John Knowles felt obliged to send us the following note

Just looked at the web site and my sailing season has started as I’m in Hong Kong at the moment and just had a 26 hour sail 40 mile off the coast of HK in the South China in not too much wind but full moon was great. There was a few problems on my watch (9pm to 2am then back on at 7am) the first was getting trapped by a 5 mile fishing net that kept going off at different angles that took time to find the end of. Good job the moon was out. The second one was coming up on a fleet of fishing boats which I spotted and had to go through the middle of – very good fun! The boat is 42 feet long with a international crew. Including myself there were 4 English, 1 German, 1 Dutch, 1 Italian and 1 Korean. That is it for now going out and about the islands of HK now. Photos when I get back.


PS HK sailing club is a very very very nice club if you have the money! and they still have a ff fleet!!

Knowlesy proudly wearing his NSSA regatta cap!

How the other half live! Can you beat that?