Stormy Saturday

Well, stormy Saturday was the forecast, lightning, torrential rain. What did we get? Overcast, with bright spells and a few showers passing through, oh and no wind! Well the wind did fill in about 3.30, just after most of the select group of sailors that did turn up (not being put off by the forecast) decided they wouldn’t wait for wind any longer (or were they just in the mood for an ice cream?)

Sunday’s forecast meant the day should remain dry and sunny, though the wind could be a challenge unless a sea breeze pops in to save the weekend series!

The day started overcast with just flurries of breeze across part of the lake, and it looked like a tall order to get four races of the weekend series in. The OD found the shifting wind direction challenging. During the start sequence of the first race the wind swung through 90 deg resulting in some reaching starts. The Mirrors/Toppers were so disorientated that all bar one had to return after starting. The second and third races suffered from some large shifts as well.

By the final race of the day, the skies had cleared and a sea breeze steadied and enhanced the wind for the best sail of the day.

The shifty winds helped spread the positions in some fleets (the top four F15s each had 5pts after the first two races), and with no discards there was little room for mistakes. Mike/Kayla were disqualified after an incident with a Topper which went to protest, dropping them to 4th overall behind winners Neil/Rory, and Graham/Elaine 2nd

Dave/Lynn had a clean sweep with four 1sts on the GPs, with John/Nigel 2nd. Mike F opted to go Streaking this weekend and ran off with 1st overall, well ahead of Banter and Tog. In the Mirrors Mik was back on form winning 3 races, and Pam the 4th and final race. They finished 1st and 2nd overall respectively

Final results