Tales From Down Under!

Hi there all you in autumnal Europe. Can’t resist telling you all how yesterday went.

Andrew got me an invitation to Balmain SC. It’s the oldest sailing club in the harbour (1856) and was holding its annual regatta weekend . There were classes for historic skiffs, historic working and wooden boats and a class A & B for yachts. There was also a class for ” any boat that can carry a load equivalent to a sack of potatoes, powered by oars” !!

To cut to the chase I WAS ON THE PODIUM !! I sailed as starboard genoa trimmer in class B and after 2hrs 10 mins came home 3rd out of a class of 26. Wind was around F4 and we sailed in polo shirts all afternoon, finishing after 2hrs 20 mins sailing around the buoys (pronounced booeys!) & I have pictures of the bridge to prove it.

We leave tomorrow and return to life in sunny Cumbria without Jessica. I predict tears and claw marks in the tarmac !!

Pete Nuttall