The Fourth Dimension 

IMG_0339 Otherwise known as the Neil factor…

Sunday started with light, patchy, conditions from a cold NE direction. By the time the race started for the three competitors the wind had bedded down for the simple, triangular course.

With the Bates out of commission for the rest of the season, Herb told AJ, the OD, that the race would be started from the race office (whatever the wind direction!). This meant 0 would be left to starboard for the start, though the course was to be left all to port. This is where the Neil factor kicked in as he decided to always leave 0 to starboard…

When the race was shortened Neil was in the lead but again left 0 to starboard so never actually finished in accordance with the rules. Mike/Dave were not too far behind and taking pole position on personal and fleet handicap.

After a break for lunch to warm up and build up their energy, the flip chart was pulled out and AJ drew the course, especially for Neil, to show what was expected in terms of sailing the course. All three boats sailed again, and Neil took the lead, but finished 2nd on handicap behind Mike, being the same overall positions on both fleet and personal handicap.

As if by magic, the wind disappeared just after racing ended…

Just one more race scheduled, after the annual dinner, so unlikely to be too many takers.

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