Torn between two loves?

The Ross Wear Helmsman Trophy was the target for the GP fleet. A series of four races with no discard, starts being staggered according to personal handicap.

Richard Hodgkins crewed by Mike Cowan, upset his parents on Saturday by beating them! He obviously remained a threat as his handicap was such that he had to pursue his parents around the course on Sunday morning. Failing winds was not Ginge and Jose’s excuse as Richard caught them up and made them do a 720 for not giving sufficient water at a mark! No chips for Rich (as Herb put it).

The staggered start times, as usual, caused a certain element of debate as to the level of equity of the system. Three main competitors (John Sharp, Ginge and Richard Hodgkins) had equal chance of taking the Trophy. The winds eased and changed direction just after the start and made a mockery of the staggered starts, however, the changeable winds resulted in numerous position changes throughout the race.

Another win by Eric and Alan Smith did not affect the overall results as they had only sailed two races. A second place taken by Ginge and Jose was sufficient to secure their first Trophy in their short sailing career but, of course, this meant that they had taken the glory from youngest son Richard. They realise they won’t be able to keep that state of affairs up for long. John Sharp finished third and took third overall.

The flying fifteens only sailed two races, but the changing of places in the last race kept blood pressures running high. In the end, Steve Hannah and Dave Lancaster won the series with two firsts; Bill Wheeler and Pete Nuttall were second.