Visit to see Tenacity of Bolton 

On Saturday April 11th the Sail Training Vessel, TENACITY of BOLTON is planning to be in Whitehaven.

Through the Whitehaven Sailing and Boating Association arrangements have been made to have a look around the boat on that date.

It may be of particular interest to those under 25 as they would normally form members of the crew sailing in the Tall Ships Youth Trust Fleet. Tenacity is more a “Small” Tall Ship having come about from an ambitious school project. Just like building a Mirror Dinghy in the woodwork class in the 1960s.

The boat will be working out of Whitehaven this summer in a similar way to the Ocean Youth Trust, North East, boat James Cook that Izzy and Harry went on last year.

Hope the variety of sailing opportunities is not too confusing. It is great that there are the opportunities available for young people especially working out of the local area. A different sailing experience to the racing at Bass but the sailing skills are equally transferable and above all both are an equally enjoyable experience.

The Tall Ships Youth Trust came from the Sail Training Organisation who seem to be bringing in more small vessels to their fleets.

At this stage we have arranged to take a party of 10 people at 10:00 on the 11 April. Whilst it has been agreed to bring it to the notice of Bassenthwaite SC it is open to any one who may have an interest in seeing a sea going boat first hand that is available to young people. If over subscribed, preference will be given to young people.

Please let Andy Sugden know if anyone may wish to join in.

It is fully appreciated that some Bass SC family members may have other sailing commitments on the day and that Neil will have his new training programmes underway now that the season has started.

If anyone has an interest in sailing on larger vessels Andy may be able to give some details of contacts especially with the Ocean Youth Trust in either the North East or the Scotland group.

An alternative may be a trip on Arthur Ransome’s boat Nancy Blackett.

Perhaps not with Andy on board as set this historical vessel alight, had a “collision” – from the set of the sails he was on port but not capable of making way from a lack of wind and close to running aground – then was towed into Southwold by the RNLI when the gearbox seized.