Wet and Windless

After the sweltering temperatures earlier in the week, nature decided it was time to water the gardens with persistent rain/drizzle, and Bass was no exception. With a lack of wind, the lake looked grey, idyllic, but not particularly suitable racing conditions for the weekend’s fleet challenge series.

As the scheduled start time approached, several crews prepared their boats despite little sign of any wind. The OD took to the water and was pleasantly surprised that there was more wind than the rippling waters suggested, and certainly enough for a race. In case the wind faded again a tight, triangular course was set, then the wind backed to the west, so the course was reversed, and racing got underway. The wind later veered to the NW, losing the beat so the race was shortened, the course reversed again and next race sequence began, only for the almost inevitable backer to the W to kick in again. A brief postponement while the course was reversed again and the final race of the day was underway.

The results for the day were consistent with Paul/Vicky in a GP taking two 1sts, Steve in a Solo two 2nds, and Mike in a Streaker two 3rds!

If Saturday was the wet day, Sunday proved to be the windless one, as there was hardly a ripple on the lake around the start time for the morning race.  Prospective competitors sat and waited before deciding it was time for an early lunch.  Soon after some ripples appeared and the Bates went out with a threat that, if wind was found, there would be seven minutes to the start – postponement down and commence sequence.  This got crews moving!

But it wasn’t long before the OD was heading back ashore and raising flag N.  By this point it had become rather warm so most returned to the grass or the tables to soak up the heat.  

Banter, having forgotten to take down the flags, swam out to the Bates to lower them! So the overnight results stand, with the trophy going to Paul/Vicky Bowmer.

At least it meant more time for those who were down to move boats not entered for Bass Week into the back field.

Final results