5 secs for fame

Sun and wind – what a combination to as a back drop to this weekend’s racing. Bean and Toggle took best advantage of a slight wind drop at the end of the first race to win it on handicap, but the tables were turned in the second race when they slipped to second on adjusted times. The changeable winds made it all the more important to be in the right place at the right time! What did Scumper’s Pool and Pizza night do for Sunday’s results?

Here’s a selection of snap’s from Saturday (use the buttons to check them all out)


Sunday night proved to be an eventful night – no Stella left (again!), fruitless night walks to Embleton, and an early (morning) finish – 5.30am!

While Joanie was away, Toggle hit the frying pan and made a mean bacon buttie for the OD (among others). The sailing was delayed waiting for wind, but it did fill in and apart from the odd hole, there was some good racing.

Robin Dawson held off Mark Somerville and won his second race of the series which meant it was all on the last race. Similarly, in the fast handicap fleet, Andrew Elliot in a Phantom secured his second win from Bean and Toggle in their GP which also meant the final race would be the decider. What a race the last race proved to be. The lasers course was shortened first, and the big tacking battle going on between Robin and Mark was brought to a conclusion with Robin holding defending champion Mark at bay all the way to the finish.

However, in the fast handicap the battle was not for first place, more a match racing scenario with Andrew Elliot doing everything he could to slow down Bean and Toggle. There was luffing, tacking with a kite up, collisions and turns. Although it was Andrew that had to do turns, Bean struggled to break free as he was in the boat with a slower handicap. The tactics were maintained all the way to the finish, which after 90 minutes racing resulted in a five second margin (on corrected time) between first and second. On this occasion, the 5 secs advantage was secured by Neil and Judith Currie who won their first race of the weekend, Bean took second place to finish second overall, while Andrew, who had worked his guts out to slow Bean down by those all important five seconds, took the series. Well Bean did say it had been boring sailing in the handicap fleet in the earlier races!

A special trophy was presented to Diamud Morrow for having travelled the furthest, all the way from Northern Ireland.

Final results


PN    Boat  Helm          Crew           Club             1   2   3   4 Pts
 1    1135  A ELLIOT      PHANTOM        ROTHERHAM        2   1   1   5   4
 2   13791  P SMITH       GP             BASS             1   2   2   2   5
 3     501  N CURRIE      RS400          BASS             5   3   3   1   7
 4     976  C BARRIE      PHANTOM        REDESMERE        3   4   5   3  10
 5   13142  P HODGKINS    GP             BASS           DNS DNS   4   4  17
 6    1069  D MORROW      PHANTOM        LOUGH FOYLE      6   5   6   6  17
 7    1140  J CHRISTIE    VORTEX         BASS             4 RTD DNS DNS  20
 8   13326  S WATSON      GP             BASS           DNS DNS   7   7  21

                                        Points for RTD =  7   7   8   8
                                        Points for DSQ =  7   7   8   8
                                        Points for DNS =  9

 3 races to count
Handicap winner Andrew Elliot with Commodore Jose Hodgkins

PN    Boat  Helm                     Club             1   2   3   4 Pts
 1  174889  R DAWSON                 BASS             2   1   1   1   3
 2  161866  M SOMMERVILL             BASS             1   4   2   2   5
 3  166585  P WORTH                  DELPH            4   2   3   3   8
 4  125514  R BRYCE                  BASS             5   5   4   4  13
 5  166400  S COBB                   BASS             3   3 DNS DNS  15
 6  179546  M WYNGARD                SUNDERLAND YC    6   6   5 DNS  17
 7  141092  T BURROWS                LEIGH            7   7   6   5  18
 8  166329  T WESTROP                DRSC           DNS DNS   7   6  22

                                    Points for RTD =  8   8   8   7
                                    Points for DSQ =  8   8   8   7
                                    Points for DNS =  9

 3 races to count

 Laser winner Robin Dawson with Jose Hodgkins